Wednesday | August 20, 2014
IRS "Didn't Know" Agent Retired In 2003

WASHINGTON (CAP) - Officials for the Internal Revenue Service are scratching their heads today, trying to figure out how an agent who retired in 2003 still has a cubicle, a caseload, and an entry into the annual office Secret Santa drawing.

According to emails the CAP News Forensics Team was able to recover from hard drives discarded by the agency, Roderick Sampson worked for the IRS for over 30 years and actually may have died in 2009.

"To be honest, I hadn't really noticed because we didn't talk a lot," said co-worker Neil Carter. "But that does explain why we hadn't had ole Rod's cream cheese brownies at the Christmas party for quite some time."

Others said they thought Rod was just working from home all this time, so they all took turns watering the plants at his desk. Estimates indicate that his phone hadn't rung in three years.

"No, we have no idea if he still continued to receive a paycheck," said a supervisor who spoke with CAP News on the condition of anonymity. "To be honest, we really don't keep records that detailed.

"Or if we do, we usually delete them within a couple months," he noted.

IRS officials have assigned the matter out to a departmental manager for further investigation, who will then report his findings to the director of departmental managers in order to determine whether the IRS was at fault for the oversight or if the blame can be placed on another agency.

"Another agency, or someone else who retired that we didn't know about," said the supervisor. "We're not that picky. We'll come up with something good."

Meanwhile, President Obama has announced the formation of a task force charged with creating a department inside the IRS to specifically handle any resourcing issues with employees. If the model is successful, Obama said he will look to implement similar human resource departments in other government agencies going forward.

- CAP News Staff



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