Saturday | November 1, 2014
World Foosball Cup Comes To Poland Amid Controversy

KRAKOW, Poland (CAP) - Looking to capitalize on World Cup soccer fever, the International Federation Of Foosball Enthusiasts has announced plans for a 32-nation, triple-elimination tournament featuring the world's most renowned foosball players.

"We understand that unless you're a diehard fan you may not no more than 10 or 12 of the top international players," said IFFE President Pierre Oshanta. "But trust me: by the time the next three weeks are done, people will know their names."

Krakow, Poland will host the tourney, having beaten out seven other locations for the honor. The city has spent nine months and $250 million on new infrastructure to handle the influx of visitors expected for the event.

"We completely renovated two youth hostels and bought clean sheets for all the hotels in the city," said Mayor Jacek Majchrowski. "Don't let it be said that Poland doesn't know how to show the world a good time!"

The bulk of the money was spent on constructing three indoor stadiums for the competition, a move that was not without controversy. Some city officials fear Krakow becoming the Athens of foosball, with venues that fall into disrepair once the Cup has left.

"What the hell else can we bring in that would fill three stadiums on a regular basis?" said City Councilman Jerzy Połomski. "Our bid to host the final leg of the Table Tennis Triple Crown World Tour had better come through or this was not moneys well spent."

Cup organizers say most of the games are sold out with the notable exception of the United States matches. Many feel it's because the US team consists mainly of drunk college students just looking for something to do on summer break.

- CAP News Staff

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