Wednesday | October 22, 2014
Mark Hamill Stubs Toe, Delays Star Wars Filming
CAP News cameras capture the many faces of Mark Hamill as he stubs his toe on set.

ABU DHABI, UAE (CAP) - Mark Hamill is resting comfortably at his hotel today after a mishap on the set of the new Star Wars movie that saw the veteran actor trip over a light saber prop and lurch forward in an uncontrolled fashion.

Fan blogs have lit up the Internet, wondering which part of the light saber he tripped over, and questioning why it didn't cut his entire foot off.

"Poor bastard stubbed his toe and was all like, Medic! until someone came over and helped him off the ground," said one of the grips. "I hear George [Lucas] is planning to keep that scene in the movie."

The 62-year-old Hamill's injury is just the latest in a string of accidents that have befallen the aging Star Wars cast, including 71-year-old Harrison Ford who broke his leg trying to kick down one of the doors of the Millennium Falcon. According to sources on set, it marked the first time in 30 years anyone had heard Chewbacca laugh.

"I don't think George got enough insurance for all these old fogeys, and he definitely didn't get enough Metamucil," said a gaffer. "Keeping Anthony Daniels regular isn't as easy as it sounds."

The bad luck actually began before filming got underway late last year when 57-year-old Carrie Fisher tripped up the stairs on her way to go sign her contract to reprise the role of Princess Leia, and cracked her hip as she fell.

"Luckily she was wearing her Life Alert medallion as she usually does when she leaves the house," recalled her agent. "So at least she wasn't in a crumpled heap on the stairs for too long before firefighters arrived."

Doctors expect Hamill to be back on his feet shortly and say he should only need to use a cane for a week or two. Lucas said in scenes where it's unnatural for Luke Skywalker to be walking with a cane, producers will outfit him with special Jedi boots so he can get around.

- CAP News Staff

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