Friday | October 31, 2014
Seahawks Remind Everyone They're Also In Super Bowl
A Seattle schoolteacher administers a final exam to a young student in this undated photo.

SEATTLE (CAP) - The NFL's Seattle Seahawks have unveiled a multimillion dollar ad campaign to inform people that there is more than one team in the Super Bowl, and they are that other team.

It took three agencies to land the deal because the first two simply didn't believe them.

"In a recent survey of Americans about who was playing the Broncos in the Super Bowl, we came in eighth behind the Patriots, Chargers, Yankees, Red Wings, Lakers, Serena Williams, and Ryan Seacrest," said team public relations spokesperson Grant Hamm. "Needless to say we were disappointed."

The brainchild of creative agency Ads4U, the theme centers on the team's long and mediocre history. Four different ads will be airing over the next week with a couple of spots to air during the Super Bowl as well.

One ad shows a visually distraught woman sitting on her kitchen floor surrounded by broken dishes. The copy says it all: "We couldn't believe it, either."

In another, two Seahawks players are in a gym, the one attempting, and failing, a bench press while desperately trying to lift the weight from his chest. His teammate is completely absorbed elsewhere and oblivious to his partner's calamity. The copy relays: "It's a wonder we even made it through the season, but here we are."

Coach Pete Carroll said he's disappointed at the disproportionate focus being placed on Denver quarterback Peyton Manning and that to listen to the media, one would think Manning was playing against John Elway for the championship.

"Hey, guess what - we have a quarterback too," Carroll said during Media Day. "And I think Randy would be very disappointed to hear ... no, I mean, Reggie ... no, wait. Aww, dammit - what the hell is that Wilson kid's first name again?"

If all goes well, the city's tourism board also plans to run a campaign to let the country know that it doesn't rain in Seattle quite as much as everyone thinks.

- CAP News Staff

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