Friday | October 31, 2014
Mischievous E-Trade Baby Shuts Down Stock Exchange
The E-Trade baby explains how to fill out your portfolio without filling out your diaper.

NEW YORK (CAP) - The United States stock market showed again this morning that it remains vulnerable to the allure of adorable children when the E-Trade baby shut down trading on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange with the few clicks of a mouse.

"It was Take Your Creepy Talking Baby To Work Day so we had these little kids crawling all over the place yammering on about 401k fees and corporate bonds," said one trader. "Then as it got closer to nap time, that's when things got crazy."

Witnesses say stocks were trading higher on a light volume at the opening bell when the E-Trade baby tried to scoop up some underperforming tech stocks but instead kicked off a giant game of Candy Crush Saga across the computer monitors on the trading room floor.

"Next thing I know I'm in a bidding war for a power candy combo and had to dump all my Facebook shares just to get it," an exasperated investor told CAP News. "Been holding onto that shit for over a year just waiting to break even.

"I think swapping Facebook stock to be able to smash fake candy is a good trade," he added. "Rainbow sprinkle, rainbow sprinkle!"

Technicians managed to get the systems back online within 15 minutes but trading didn't resume for hours because everyone was stuck on level 103.

- CAP News Staff

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