Thursday | October 23, 2014
Toilet Sizes Expand To Meet Needs Of Obese Nation
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MORROW, Ga. (CAP) - As the girth of American midsections continues to increase, so too must the tools used to manage and care for those ever-widening waistlines. That's the finding of the Department of Health and Human Services' Annual Sanitation Assessment. released this morning.

"The size and shape of toilet seats hasn't changed in over 120 years, yet we as a people are fatter than we've ever been," said National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Farzad Mostashari. "We eat big, and we shit big. And we need a toilet that can keep up with us."

The Assessment's recommendation deals specifically with the width of toilet bowls, calling for the ACTS ratio not to exceed 1.3. The Ass Cheek/Toilet Seat ratio also determines how long a person can sit on the toilet before their buttocks become numb.

"30 minutes was always the standard, hopefully exceeding what any reasonable person would need," said Mostashari. "Nowadays people are lucky if they can sit for five minutes without losing all sensation in their rump.

"When you can sit on a toilet after forgetting to put the seat down and not fall in, you know it's time for a bigger toilet," he added.

Manufacturers are already on board with the DHHS guidelines, with many announcing product lines that meet the new specifications. Among those are Toto's Double-Wide Drake II, Caroma's Quad-Flush Big Boy, and Kohler's Cimarron Megass K-3589.

- CAP News Staff

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