Friday | October 31, 2014
Elizabeth Warren Accused Of Scalping Middle Class
Brown's supporters complained that the choice of moderator during the duo's televised debate gave Warren an unfair advantage.

BOSTON (CAP) - As the Mass. senate race heats up between GOP incumbent Scott Brown and his democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, Brown's strategies have shifted from a defense of his voting record to attacks on Warren relating to her unverified Native American heritage.

"My opponent, Elizabeth Warren - or as I like to call her, Dances With Pantsuits, has absolutely no integrity," Brown told a crowd at a rally outside Worcester. "The woman would trade Ortiz to the Yankees for a handful of glass beads."

Brown also accused Warren of misleading voters using "smoke signals."

"Mark my words, if you vote that squaw into the Senate, she'll be all about the special interest wampum," he added.

A recent television ad released by supporters of Brown superimposes a feathered headdress and war paint over images of Warren.

"Make sure you head to the polls this year and vote for Scott Brown," says a voice-over during the ad. "It's our next best defense, after smallpox blankets."

- CAP News Staff

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