Saturday | October 25, 2014
Gingrich Ends Campaign For Book Sales
File photo of Newt Gingrich formally launching his campaign for book sales

ATLANTA (CAP) - Newt Gingrich has announced that he is formally ending his book tour, otherwise known as his campaign for the Republican nomination.

"We sold a lot of books this time around," said Gingrich, signing a copy of To Make Men Free, a Civil War novel that takes readers to the front lines. "People thought I was running for president, and I suppose I gave that impression, but I just wanted to get my writing out there."

Gingrich recalled the long rollercoaster-like campaign.

"I remember in the beginning when people counted me out, I was worried I wouldn't sell that many books," said Gingrich. "But then I rose to the top of the polls and sold tons of them. Do you remember when I told off Juan Williams? You should have seen the numbers spike that night! I have an app that gives me live sales updates."

Gingrich continued. "Afterwards I won big in South Carolina. That was an important day, because books were flying off the shelves, especially A Nation Like No Other and To Save America, which are still available, by the way."

"I placed a strong second in Florida. Sold a lot of books then," Gingrich noted. "I gave a speech about a moon colony. Sold even more!"

Gingrich admits there were times when the tour was struggling. "When my campaign staff quit, I thought I was out of the publishing business," said Gingrich, "but sales slowly picked up again.

"It's hard to make it as a writer," said Gingrich. "But when you have the American people behind you, anything is possible. I explain that very thing in Real Change: The Fight For America's Future."

Even Gingrich's missteps and controversies helped move merchandise.

"When Marianne told the press I wanted an open marriage, everyone thought it would hurt me," said Gingrich. "But I knew better, because writers construct their own moral universe. My fans know that."

Gingrich said he loved going from state to state. "It was great meeting customers all over this beautiful country."

CAP News asked Gingrich, now that the campaign's over, what he thought of Mitt Romney. "He's an okay writer, but not great."

Gingrich hopes to play a major role the administration should Romney become president.

"If he could make me Secretary of State or Ambassador to the United Nations, that would really help sales," said Gingrich. "There's a big market outside the U.S."

Gingrich assured CAP News, however, that it's not all about him. "My biggest priority is beating Barack Obama," said Gingrich.

"In sales," he added.

- Chason Gordon
Contributing Writer

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