Monday | October 20, 2014
Fark Commenters Named Internet's Wittiest
Fark founder Drew Curtis

LEXINGTON, Ky. (CAP) - The American Sarcasm Council (ASC) today awarded the commenters on the community website Fark the title of "Wittiest Duo Or Group On The Internet" as part of its 2011 Getty Netty Awards. ASC board members called the decision the one "slam dunk" of this year's awards.

"When you look at all the groups out there in the cyber-universe trying to be funny, trying to be witty, trying so hard to create incisive, biting humor, no one does it better than the Fark commenters," said ASC Proctor Jillian Harper. "I'm not sure how this would even be possible, but they must all have professional comedic training from The Groundlings or Second City - they're that good!"

Critics acknowledge the rarity of having one group of people with that much collective wit all posting to the same site on a regular basis, but say the consistency with which the Fark commenters skewer their topics is what really sets them apart.

"It's amazing how they're all able to put down their Twinkies, boot up the computers in their mothers' basements, and use their laser-like wit to fire off comments like I thought items tagged satire were supposed to be funny, or I don't think this article is funny, or How did this get the greenlight? It didn't make me laugh at all," said ASC President Ken Austin.

"But beyond just awesome comments like that, they also incredibly adept at reworking the ideas behind the articles on the fly," added Austin. "You know, things like, It would have been funnier if they'd said... and stuff like that.

"Believe me, nothing makes comedy funnier than dissecting it - nothing!"

Fark is a site that allows users, known as Farkers, to submit news articles, satire, and other material from various sources and then comment on the links they post on the site. Founder Drew Curtis says that he's flattered by the award, but not surprised.

"Anyone can write funny stories, anyone can post them online, and anyone can log on, read those stories, and then add comments about the stories they just read," said Curtis. "But what sets our commenters apart is that they're so smart about it.

"Let's say you're looking at comments about a satire story," added Curtis. "You might expect to see things like Funny satire or Good for a chuckle. But instead when you see something like, Why do they even try? you're like, Whoa - where did that come from?

"Our posters totally flip the script, smack you in the face with the humor, and leave your sides hurting from laughing so hard," Curtis noted. "I'm proud that they're finally getting the recognition they deserve!"

ASC officials said that each Fark commenter will be receiving a cash award, a call of congratulations from President Obama, and recognition during the halftime show at this year's Super Bowl.

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