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Julie Andrews Critical Of Anne Hathaway's Breasts
Ehh, you be the judge.

HOLLYWOOD (CAP) - Broadway and Hollywood icon Julie Andrews had some critical words this week for her Princess Diaries co-star Anne Hathaway, who bares all in her new movie with Jake Gyllenhaal, Love And Other Drugs.

"As you know, I bared my bosoms in S.O.B. (1981), and I dare say they were quite a bit more perky than Anne's, which were a bit doughy for my tastes, if you don't mind me saying so," Andrews told the Hollywood Reporter. "And my bosoms were a bit further along at the time than Anne's are now," added Andrews, now 75 and "still supple, if you get my drift."

Hathaway has made headlines for her performance in Love And Other Drugs, wherein she plays a Parkinson's patient with a wild sex life. Of its 113-minute running time, Hathaway is fully naked for approximately 75 minutes, according to a study of the film by New York magazine's Vulture entertainment blog.

"Of the 75 minutes, about 40 minutes featured her bare breasts," said Vulture writer Will Plotkin. "About 20 minutes featured her bare rear end, and about 10 minutes featured a combination of the two, which required some pretty fancy camera work."

The other five minutes featured Hathaway's private area, "mostly in glimpses that you have to squint to see, and which I've edited together here in a montage from footage I took with a video camera I snuck into the theater," said Plotkin. "Um ... for work."

Andrews, meanwhile, pointed out that although she went topless for S.O.B., she never felt a need to do nudity as extensive as Hathaway's in Love And Other Drugs.

"Except in the private movies I made for Blake," she said, referring to her husband, director Blake Edwards. "Between us, you'd have to watch those to find out what supercalifragilisticexpialidocious really means.

"It's quite dirty, actually," she added, pursing her lips suggestively.

Hathaway's nudity has also drawn fire from some watchdog groups, including Mothers Against Everthing (MAE). "She was so nice and cute in The Princess Diaries, with her black glasses and frizzy hair," said MAE spokeswoman Darlene Fortenski. "I think a better choice would have been to do another Princess Diaries sequel, instead of a movie where she shows off all her wherewithal.

"The thought of her being naked beneath that little Princess Diaries schoolgirl uniform is just not right," said Fortenski. "I know after my teenage son Josh heard about it, he was so bothered that he locked himself in the bathroom for a good 15 minutes."

For her part, Hathaway has defended her nude scenes in Love, saying she did them because they were essential to the plot, and not to distract people from her failed relationship with Italian real estate developer Raffaello Follieri, currently serving four years in prison on fraud charges.

"He'll have to buy a ticket if he ever wants to see my personal assets again," Hathaway said, flashing her right bosom.

As for Hathaway's co-star Gyllenhaal, who also appears naked in the film, "My naked ass could still mop up the floor with his," said Andrews' Sound Of Music co-star Christopher Plummer, 80.

- CAP News Staff

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