Thursday | October 2, 2014
Pet Magazine Accused Of Photoshopping Dog's Junk

IRVINE, Calif. (CAP) - Officials for the pet magazine Dog Fancy are coming under fire this week after a CAP News investigation revealed that employees in the publication's art department had used image alteration software to remove parts of some dog pictures that were considered "too risque" for subscribers. In all, an estimated 15 dogs had the size of their manhood either reduced or removed altogether over the past four months.

"And we use the term manhood loosely because these are neutered dogs who really lost that a long time ago," said CAP News Forensics Team lead Rusty Beranek. "But if this can happen at Dog Fancy, then where's the bottom? Dogs are our best friends. How can we do this to them?

"You know, this would never happen with cats," noted Beranek. "Wait, do cats even have junk? I don't think I've ever even seen a cat's junk. Not that I'm, you know, out looking for it."

While at first the magazine denied such an approach was taking place, once CAP News threatened to publish a fake story that could damage their reputation, they came clean about the Photoshopping. Editors defended the practice, saying they feared they would have to start delivering the magazine in a brown paper wrapper.

"For crying out loud, the undercarriage of a dog should be a non-factor, except, you know, to other dogs," said editor Ernie Slone. "I mean, what kind of perv is checking out a dog's business? We're Dog Fancy, not Dog Raunchy.

"Listen, if you're into ungroomed mutts and dew claws and scooting, then go pick up our other magazine, Natural Dog," Slone added. "Beyond that, you'll just have to try your luck on the Internet."

Although Slone said they have no plans to change their current procedures with certain "large" breeds of dogs, he said they will try to employ more creative approaches going forward, such as photographing dogs only from the neck up or only while lying down. However, the concessions are too little, too late for some subscribers who have already canceled.

"My wife and I used the pictures in their magazine to help us decide what kind of dog to get," said one former subscriber from Tacoma, Wash. "Beagles are supposed to be cute and cuddly - not hung like a horse! Now we have all sorts of questions from the kids we're simply not prepared to answer. Thank you, Dog Fancy."

Another subscriber told CAP News he always "got the magazine for the articles," but said it would be nice to know if he were looking at pictures of a male or female dog and not "some asexual beast created by Adobe." Some industry insiders say they think the magazine's editorial staff is being hypocritical in their approach.

"So what they're saying is that these innocent pictures of dogs are too much, but last month's article, What's Fido Doing To Your Leg? wasn't?" said dog behavior specialist Cesar Millan. "Don't get me wrong, I want people to know what he's doing to your leg or why he just peed on your newborn baby, but let's be consistent."

Next month, CAP News goes under the hood at Puppies USA magazine to investigate underaged dogs being exploited for their cuteness.

- CAP News Staff

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