Monday | October 20, 2014
OJ Misinterprets Double-Jeopardy, Pleads Guilty

LAS VEGAS (CAP) - In a stunning development today, OJ Simpson entered a guilty plea to answer the kidnapping and robbery charges he's facing in Nevada, claiming that the legal rule of "double jeopardy" would protect him from having to do any jail time.

"I already got found not guilty back in 1995," said Simpson at a press conference without his lawyers. "So they can't come after me again, no matter what I say. So yeah, I did it, I busted into that hotel room and took my stuff back.

"See, I can say that, and they can't touch me," said Simpson as he grew visibly excited. "Double jeopardy, Alex, and I'll take 'OJ Walks Again' for $800!"

Upon receiving news of the guilty plea, the Las Vegas District Attorney's office issued a statement saying that they were "ecstatic." The statement further said that "this admission of guilt by Mr. Simpson certainly makes our job much, much easier. We can now move right to the sentencing phase of the proceedings, and we can guarantee that this individual will serve a long, well deserved prison sentence."

Yale law professor Amanda Reagan said Simpson made a mistake common among the criminal element. However, she said what sets Simpson apart is the fact that he didn't first consult with his lawyers.

"Double jeopardy does not mean that once you've been acquitted of one crime that you can never be charged with another. That would just be absurd," said Reagan during a phone interview with CAP News. "Simpson's fatal flaw here was just plain old stupidity if you ask me, which I guess you did, which is why I'm telling you."

Reached at the annual Famous Lances convention in Phoenix, Judge Lance Ito, who presided over Simpson's murder trial in 1995, expressed delight at the turn of events, saying he knew it was just a matter of time "before that a-hole slipped up."

"I was just telling Lance Armstrong and Lance Burton what a tool OJ is," said Ito, "and now he's gone and shot himself in the foot - or should I say, he's slashed his own throat!

"Oops, gotta go," added Ito, "Lance Bass is starting up a conga line!"

Simpson is expected to be sentenced in the Las Vegas case next month.

- CAP News Staff

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