Friday | October 31, 2014
Benazir Bhutto Sex Tape Rocks Pakistan

LAHORE, Pakistan (CAP) - Scandal continues to plague the once-quiet nation of Pakistan as rumors began circulating around the Internet of a videotape containing the sexual exploits of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. And then late yesterday, a copy of the purported sex tape was delivered to the Pakistani offices of the CAP News International Bureau.

"Mmm, oohh, oh, oh, oh yeah, overthrow me, overthrow me," Bhutto can be heard moaning on the grainy tape, which CAP News officials watched over and over again in an attempt to confirm its authenticity.

Bhutto, currently under house arrest, added fuel to the political fire in Pakistan when she called on President Pervez Musharraf to step down. The timing of the tape's release leads some pundits to believe that the lusty brunette getting jiggy with a burka may not be Bhutto and that the tape may be Musharraf propaganda.

"What Musharraf is doing is, he's saying, Benazir, your politics may suck, but that thing you did with the ice cube on the tape - that did not suck at all," said analyst Rahim Usama. "Well, maybe suck is not the right word, but you know what I mean."

Reaction from the political landscape has been mixed, with world leaders who already support Musharraf's emergency rule in that nation calling for Bhutto's continued exile, while her supporters are crying foul and requesting copies of the tape.

"I think everybody today, when this tape came out, was taken somewhat by surprise, and very concerned," said a Western diplomat who asked not to be identified. "Now political leaders are asking why, why not me. Why couldn't I have been the one fondling Benazir in that tape?"

US officials confirmed that the State Department was dispatching diplomat John Negroponte to Pakistan to press Musharraf to forge an elected civilian government by making a new tape with Bhutto to show just how well they can get along.

"He has declared that he'll take off his uniform and that there will be erections," said President Bush. "So to you, Mr Musharraf, I say, if you want peace, if you want prosperity - tear down those undies."

The Bush administration is backing a revenue-sharing arrangement as a way to turn the negative publicity of the tape into some much needed cash for the poverty-stricken country.

- CAP News Staff



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