Wednesday | October 22, 2014
Kevin Federline To Move In With Vanilla Ice
A clearly Photoshopped picture provided to CAP News by Kevin Federline shows what he says is "just how tite me and Ise is."

CARROLLTON, Tex. (CAP) - Just days after receiving his divorce papers from wife Britney Spears, Kevin Federline has now received his walking papers. Britney has reportedly changed the locks on their Malibu home, effectively kicking the rap star to the curb.

However, according to CAP News Entertainment Editor Greta Von Cistern, he won't be homeless for long.

"I'm told that Rob Van Winkle, known better as Vanilla Ice, has opened his home to K-Fed until he can get on his feet," said Von Cistern. "And with the blistering sales of his Playing With Fire album, that shouldn't be long."

Von Cistern said it is ironic to hear of Vanilla Ice helping K-Fed get on his feet, considering that Ice has been living in the basement of his mother's Texas home for the past eight years. A call to Mrs. Van Winkle confirmed the arrangement.

"Well, moms upped my rent, yo, but I couldn't get no raise from those beeyotches at 7-to-the-1-1," Ice told Von Cistern over the phone. "Fed's got the dough, yo, so he be gettin' the top bunk.

"Yo, I'll be off in a sec, ma!" Ice yelled away from the phone. "Listen, I gotta go."

Ice's Carrollton home isn't the only offer Federline has received for a place to lay his head. The Home For Little White Rappers said they, too, extended a helping hand to the former back-up dancer, but so far haven't heard back from him.

"We've had a bed waiting for Eminem for quite some time," said Home spokesperson Rhiannon Winters, "but he hasn't needed it yet. So we're more than happy to offer Marshall's bed to Kevin for the time being."

Winters said if both Federline and Ice end up needing a place, they can easily squeeze in another bed between Pete Nice and Mike D.

- CAP News Staff

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