Friday | October 31, 2014
World Gang Expo 2014 Kicks Off In LA
Celebrity panelist Ice Cube expresses dismay at an audience member's question during a panel on the place of Caucasians in gang violence.

LOS ANGELES (CAP) - They come from all walks of gang life, from as far away as the Manistee River Maulers to Gangster Crip Local 118 just down the street. Despite their differences, they come for one purpose: to learn how to better themselves in their chosen profession of gangbanging.

"For graffiti, you hit the Puto Marks Trade Show. For guns, the Red Zone Rosco Convention," said event organizer William '40 Ounce' DelGuizzi, AKA WD40. "But we be where it's at."

Where it's at is the Los Angeles Convention Center, and when it's at is the rest of this week and all next week. The World Gang Expo 2014 is in its 12th year and according to convention organizers, promises more exhibits, booths and onsite violence than any show of its kind.

Additions to this year's venue include conferences called:

- Dissecting The Drive-By: Retaliate With Style

- Hang-Ups With Your Hold-Ups? Advice From The Pro's

- Tagging Techniques For The 21st Century

The 10-day expo wraps up with motivational speaker Bryant Gumbel.

"Anyone who doesn't take the gang industry seriously is fooling themselves," said Gumbel, "and will probably end up dead. Gang members face some of the same pressures as the rest of the American workforce. And I need to let them know they're not alone."

Attendance at the World Gang Expo has increased each of the past four years, following a big dip in 2008. That dip has been blamed on the bloodbath of 2007, after which East Coast gang members were encouraged not to attend.

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