Saturday | October 25, 2014
White House Janitor Resigns
White House janitor Carl Jensen pauses for a photo during the Clinton Administration after a particularly nasty spill under the president's desk.

WASHINGTON (CAP) - The shake-up in President Bush's administration widened yesterday as White House janitor Carl Jensen announced his resignation. The move sent shock waves through a White House staff that hasn't seen this much turmoil since Chef Walter Scheib stepped down.

"We will miss Carl and his non-partisan trash removal capabilities," a White House press release stated. "The President has begun a full-scale search for Carl's replacement and expects his nomination will not be held up by party politics in the House and Senate."

"Nobody could scrapify gum from the bottom of a desk like Carl," President Bush said from the Oval Office. "Why, I can only imagine what the underside of my desk would look like if not for Carl. Speaking of, anyone got any Hubba Bubba?"

Sen. Charles Schumer said the Bush administration has "never separated their recyclables and that's been one of the reasons for its undoing. Late is better than never but the key for the White House will be getting a new person who understands that plastic and glass must be separated."

Jensen has not spoken publicly about the reasons behind his decision, but speculation is that the amount of trash coming out of the White House became just too much for one man to handle. Jensen oversaw janitorial duties through four presidencies, and said the toughest stretch was the used condom clean-up during the Clinton Administration.

- CAP News Staff

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