Friday | October 24, 2014
Nappy-Headed Ho Advocacy Group Takes Aim At Imus

WASHINGTON (CAP) - The trouble continues for radio talk show host Don Imus, who now finds himself under fire by a hooker advocacy group. The Daughters of the American Prostitution say they intend to "protect the rights of both nappy-headed and well-groomed ho's everywhere."

"It is an affront to both the constituency and practitioners of prostitution to liken us to the upstanding young women of Rutgers University," DAP President Juanita Carlysle said in a prepared statement. "Skanky ho's are people, too."

At issue is a comment that Don Imus made on his radio show calling members of the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy-headed ho's." The Rev. Al Sharpton immediately championed the cause of the basketball players, which left a fidgety Rev. Jesse Jackson with no choice but to align with the prostitutes.

"We demand immediate rectification for the ho's who are nappy," said Rev. Jackson. "So I say to Mr. Imus, you had better apologize and make it snappy."

DAP said they not only want an apology from Imus, but also want complimentary airtime in the space left vacant by the numerous advertisers that have pulled out of sponsoring his program. DAP fell short of calling for Imus' firing, but said the embattled host would no longer receive his usual discounted rate from many of New York's nastiest streetwalkers.

"The women I do are repugnant, repulsive and horrible," said Imus in response to DAP's statement. "Here are these nappy-headed ho's at the pinnacle of their whorin' lives ... and I ruined it. If these women are never able to spread their legs again, it'll be my fault."

Calls for the radio host's dismissal have been growing, including from groups such as the National Organization for Ho's and the National Association of Sluts Across America.

- CAP News Staff

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