Wednesday | August 27, 2014
IRS "Didn't Know" Agent Retired In 2003
Those who were with the agency back then say they vaguely recall a party for the agent and now that they think about it, believe it could have been his retirement.
Oklahoma Execution Not 'Botched,' Since He Died
Officials plan to execute a dozen inmates next week because they really need the practice.
Texas To Execute 15 For Charity
Gov. Perry denies that he intends to televise the event as part of a new Fox reality show.
NSA Wiretaps Own Break Room, Nabs Lunch Thief
However, the agency still hasn't been able to determine who's been stealing office supplies.
Traffic Exchange with 770,000+ members
ACLU Pushes To Rename Hashtags As 'Pound Signs'
The support group Ampersands Anonymous has endorsed the move to minimize errant labeling.
NYC Replaces Horse-Drawn Carriages With Rickshaws
If rickshaws don't work out, bicycle messengers have offered to pull people around in wagons.
Janet Napolitano Warns Of Locusts, New Super Zombie
She also said to beware accelerated coastal erosion that will make Iowa beachfront property.
Supreme Court To Vote On Civil Rights For Wiggers
The history of the wigger civil rights movement dates back to the mid-'80s and Vanilla Ice.
al Qaeda Drops 'Share Everything' Plan, Foils NSA
To keep costs down, the NSA is asking Americans to transcribe their own phone conversations.
'Coffee Pots For The Poor' Program Goes Belly Up
While grateful at first, recipients began making demands like flavored creamers and Hazelnut.


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