Friday | September 19, 2014
Cities Unsure How To Handle Public Service Graffiti
Officials say they're surprised anyone does graffiti anymore since today's youth don't seem to do anything except text and wear their pants around their knees.
Cellphone Camera Concert Pictures Win Pulitzer Nod
Critics say there is no denying the haunting beauty of the blurry headache-inducing pics.
IRS "Didn't Know" Agent Retired In 2003
Some think they vaguely recall a party from back then but can't remember what it was for.
U.S. Will Stop Calling Things 'Gay' If It Can Use 'Jewy'
The nation said it doesn't even use 'gay' that much but 'jewy' is too important to drop.
Texas To Execute 15 For Charity
Gov. Perry denies that he intends to televise the event as part of a new Fox reality show.
NSA Wiretaps Own Break Room, Nabs Lunch Thief
However, the agency still hasn't been able to determine who's been stealing office supplies.
ACLU Pushes To Rename Hashtags As 'Pound Signs'
The support group Ampersands Anonymous has endorsed the move to minimize errant labeling.
Supreme Court To Vote On Civil Rights For Wiggers
The history of the wigger civil rights movement dates back to the mid-'80s and Vanilla Ice.
'Coffee Pots For The Poor' Program Goes Belly Up
While grateful at first, recipients began making demands like flavored creamers and Hazelnut.
Anti-Zombie Groups Fight Pitchfork Control Legislation
Bipartisan support of anti-zombie measures is climbing but the divide over weapons remains.


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