Thursday | July 24, 2014
Jay Carney Wants To Connect On LinkedIn
America's favorite press secretary hopes to amass enough connections that future generations will amuse themselves with the new game, "Six Degrees Of Jay Carney."
Apple Reveals iPhone With 15.6" Viewable Screen
The biggest challenge may be snapping on a case, which takes three people with a crowbar.
New Report Says Report Needed About Seatbelt Use
Pundits say the new report indicates the government is serious about reporting on safety.
Google Building Live-Action Minecraft On Barge In Bay
However, rumors that they built a giant catapult to launch birds across the Bay are untrue.
Nokia Introduces New Lumia S7 Smart Pinky Ring
The device comes complete with its own small wooden stylus which can double as a toothpick.
Internet Meme 'Cray Cray' To Add Third Cray
An online ad campaign features Buckwheat holding up his finger and thumb, saying "O-Cray!"
Twitter Music Service To Feature Only The Chorus
Twitter also plans to add movie streaming, which consists of user-generated animated gif's.
Google Glass 2.0 Billed As "Better Than Reality"
Consumers hope Google fixes the many flaws that will undoubtedly exist in the first version.
Apple Sued By Chicago PD Over New '2-Way Wrist TV'
Apple has temporarily shelved its new 2-Way iWindow and 2-Way iGlasses pending the outcome.
Facebook Graph Search Makes Finding Graphs Easy
Experts say the sheer volume of graphs available rivals the massive number of cat pictures.


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