Tuesday | September 2, 2014
Teens Choose Alcohol, Unprotected Sex In New 'Choice Awards'
The results were a surprise to no one except for a handful of parents who truly believe their teenagers are not going into the woods after school to smoke pot.
Mark Hamill Stubs Toe, Delays Star Wars Filming
Hamill said the injury reminds him of the time he lost his hand while fighting his father.
Video Surfaces Showing Justin Bieber Using Three-Syllable Word
In the video, Bieber also sets a personal best by going 20 seconds without any racial slurs.
Justin Bieber Saves Little Kitten Stuck In Tree
Some think he put the cat up there himself so he could save it to garner some good press.
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Britney Spears Concedes White Trash Title To Miley
Although she hasn't shaved her head yet, Miley's hair does continue to become more butch.
Paula Deen Makes Amends With New Fried Chix Dish
Deen says she may even provide a living wage to the black migrant workers who till her farm.
Even Pedophiles Turned Off By Miley Cyrus Now
Mitchell Musso said he's no pedophile but wishes he "had nailed that" before she got skanky.
2014 Video Music Awards To Feature All-Out Orgy
Producers are also adding new awards categories including Best Simulated Sex, Duo Or Group.
Lindsay Lohan To Play Amanda Bynes In Biopic
Filming gets underway as soon as Amanda's parents take all the money being thrown at them.
Chris Brown To Retire From Music, Go Scumbag Fulltime
He decided the time was right to step up from part time thanks to a great benefits package.
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