Friday | October 31, 2014
Walmart To Sell Salvation In Select Cities
The company said they won't be allowing returns or exchanges unless the salvation remains in its original packaging and consumers can prove that it was never used.
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New Verizon FIOS Package Records Every Channel All The Time
Customers can turn off recording of the Spanish stations, but the cost remains the same.
Five Below Buys Family Dollar, Creates New Store 'Two Fiddy'
Company managers celebrated the deal with burgers from Five Guys and a trip to Six Flags.
Tony The Tiger Admits Frosted Flakes Are 'Pretty Good' At Best
Tony said he is relieved his secret is finally out but he knows he needs to find a new gig.
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NY Times Editor Fired For Bringing Vagina To Work
Sources say Jill Abramson and her vagina were "pretty much attached at the hip" every day.
Shoppers Fight Over Last Incandescent Light Bulbs
Desperate consumers are grasping to hold on to the only type of light they've ever known.
TD Bank Replaces Frumpy Tellers With Sexy Coeds
Anyone opening a new account will receive a new toaster or a pair of slightly-used panties.
BlackBerry CEO Guns For Appearance On Shark Tank
He said if that doesn't work, he's going to create a bunch of bogus entries on Kickstarter.
Upstart Horsemeat Industry Fights Negative Stereotypes
Meet the man who hopes to change your view of the horse from companion animal to main dish.
More Workplace Bullying Being Outsourced Overseas
Despite the disappointing news, pundits say Americans remain #1 in stealing office supplies.
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